Spruce is a collaboration of two experienced stylists who have mastered various specialties. Krista specializes in curly hair and Dee specializes in curls and thin, fine hair and is also a mens grooming expert. Spruce was born by the desire of two best friends to create a space where they can express themselves artistically while meeting the wellness needs of the client. It is our priority to be able to spend time with our clients to be able to provide the very best service and chairside manner. We are by appointment only and we do our absolute best to accommodate new clients and sincerely appreciate personal referrals! Krista is not accepting new clients. Dee is currently taking new clients and you can book with her by clicking on the link below on Mindbody. 

Recently we welcomed Marissa Bielak to Spruce Salon! She is a good friend of ours and an incredible independent color focused stylist. Visit her website here. You can book with her by clicking on her personal booking link below.


Krista Burke, Owner, Master Stylist

Dee Whiteside, Owner, Master Stylist

Marissa Bielak, Independent Color-Focused Stylist